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Recipe Review: Vegan Potato and Broccoli Curry


It took three words to convince me to try this recipe out:




That’s it. I was sold.

I didn’t realize ’til I was halfway done making the dish it was vegan. But as an omnivore who’s always looking for yummy ways to consume less meat I was happy to try something new.

The curry ended up being a little more tool-intensive than I would have liked. I needed a sheet pan to toast the nuts, a saucepan to parboil the potatoes, a food processor to blend the sauce and a dutch oven to combine all the ingredients.

In addition to being tool-intensive, it was step-intensive– you have to parboil the potatoes, puree the sauce, fry the spices, etc., etc.–to achieve a dish that in the end I found only ok. It was under-seasoned, and because you cook the potatoes twice, they ended up overdone. I’ll chalk some of the “meh” results up to user error, but honestly this dish just doesn’t have enough zip to justify the time and effort I put into it. Your mileage may vary.

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