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Lady Lex

USS Lexington Coral Sea early morning.jpg
USS Lexington, early morning of May 8, 1942.

Paul Allen has found Lady Lex.  I profiled USS Lexington as part of the Sunday Battleship Blogging series way back in 2006; here’s a piece at the Diplomat on the discovery of her wreck. 

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has made a hobby of searching for wrecks of World War II. Several years ago, his operation found HIJMS Musashi, a battleship sunk by American carrier aircraft during the Battle of Leyte Gulf; in August, R/V Petrel (Allen’s ship) found the wreck of the heavy cruiser USS Indianapolis, the ship that delivered the first atomic bomb. Now, Allen’s team has found USS Lexington, the first fast aircraft carrier to join the U.S. Navy (USN). Lexington was sunk on May 8, 1942.

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