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The Worst Thanksgiving Food Take of All Time


I may have strong opinions about Thanksgiving and its food. So some may incorrectly disagree with me. But one Thanksgiving hot take we can all agree is atrocious comes from Gabriel Malor, who usually spends his time writing racist takes for The Federalist, the single worst appropriation of an historical American political term ever.

This is of course incredibly, horribly wrong. The upside of mac & cheese may be a bit limited, but the floor is also very high. You can’t really screw this up, outside of buying the Kraft box. And you can make it pretty awesome with the addition of some fun cheeses. I didn’t make mac & cheese for the Thanksgiving feast yesterday because time was limited with an early meal and instead I made roasted vegetables. But with more time, I would always bring 3 sides–roasted vegetables, brussels sprouts (roasted to crispiness with balsamic vinegar), and mac & cheese. Speaking bad against such a great food is a sin. There is literally nothing bad one can say about mac & cheese. At least now though we can claim it as an anti-fascist food while Federalist writers dine on goat blood.

Given that this ridiculousness comes from a Federalist writer, you always look for the racial undertones. And as one Twitter commenter noted, this was probably an attack on black people’s food traditions since mac & cheese is normal at a southern African-American Thanksgiving celebration.

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