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Today in American Ethnic Cleansing


Another day, another act from the Trump administration with no basis except for white supremacy.

Thousands of immigrants from Nicaragua who came to the United States illegally, many of them decades ago, will lose special permission allowing them to stay in the country, the Trump administration said on Monday.

However, officials from the Department of Homeland Security said the effective date of termination would be delayed one year, until Jan. 5, 2019, to give about 2,500 individuals time to leave the country or adjust their immigration status.

The program allowing them to stay, Temporary Protected Status, was enacted by Congress in 1990 to protect foreigners, particularly Central Americans, fleeing war, natural disasters or catastrophes and was extended to Haitians after the 2010 earthquake.

Officials said that Elaine Duke, the acting secretary of homeland security, had not made a decision on hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and Honduras who are also covered under the program. The department had until Monday to extend or terminate the program for Nicaragua and Honduras. Ms. Duke, saying she did not have enough information, said she would continue to review protections for Hondurans. The temporary protective status covering immigrants from Honduras will be extended for at least six months, through July 5.

The Trump administration said that in some cases, the protection for foreigners has stretched into decades, and the Departments of State and Homeland Security decided that the living conditions in their home countries had improved enough for them to return. The administration and some allied lawmakers, including Senator Charles E. Grassley, Republican of Iowa, said the immigrants received public benefits and took jobs that might otherwise be filled by unemployed American citizens.

Yeah, clearly a couple thousand Nicaraguans are why the white working-class is struggling.

I also have to say that I’ve been pretty disappointed in the response to Trump’s white supremacy in recent months. The most brilliant thing to happen in the early days of this hell was the spontaneous acts to occupy airports in the wake of the Muslim ban. This set resistance (however broadly defined) as the modus operandi of those who want this nation to live up to its stated values and it made a huge difference in stopping the racist agenda.

But Muslim Ban II has led to absolutely no protest at all. It’s not even part of the conversation. Meanwhile, Muslims from several countries basically can’t get into the United States. And things aren’t that much better when it comes to deportations and ethnic cleansing going on around us every day. It’s not just that there isn’t any organized protest against it, it’s that there isn’t even any real talk about it. The answer just seems to be electing Ralph Northam in Virginia or whatever. Of course electing Democrats is an essential part of saving the nation but it’s not the only part of saving the nation. The overall decline or near disappearance of anti-Trump, anti-fascist protests in the last few months demonstrates that people are basically going about living their lives while the nation is whitened around them. And this is effectively how evil racists operate when they get power, knowing that most people won’t do anything about it until it affects them.

…..And yes, people are protesting actual fascists when they come to campus or to Charlottesville and that’s necessary. But that’s different than using our bodies to resist the Trump administration and if Milo and Spencer are providing Trump cover to engage in all sorts of racist horrors by siphoning off the protesters, then they are engaging in a very effective strategy.

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