Meet Paul

$700 does not include the 35% Tax Refund Processing Fee.

Paul: A depraved Speaker of the House who needs to be de-smirked, is one of the legions of Republicans who are working hard to make sure the lives of real women and girls are as difficult, unpleasant and devoid of opportunity and happiness as possible. Especially single mothers.

So far, things are going well for Paul and his friends. Thanks to their efforts, many women and men struggle to exist on paltry salaries. Lots of boys and girls don’t get enough care, attention of food. And with the Republicans’ careful policy of fucking up anything that helps people, things will only get worse.

But it’s not enough to grind the faces of the non-rich. Paul wants to give rich people more money, to reward them. For being rich. In exchange rich people will not bust out laughing when Paul puts on his O So Solemn face and announces  the rich will use the extra money to create more jobs for the Cindys of the world.

However, even in the midst of his prole-bashing frenzy, Paul had enough sense to know that the honest pitch would not fly. Because it goes like this: “This is Cheyenne Reagan Finch-Fotheringworth III: a 46 year old trust fund beneficiary who receives $30,000 a week because his great-grandfather patented the process for attaching a tampon to the string. He hopes that none of the servants he has assaulted over the years ever go to the police. With the extra $70 million he’ll receive after his parents die under our tax bill, he can finally fulfill his dream of buying the restaurant chain Cindy works for and mismanaging it into insolvency.”

So Paul is trying to convince Americans who aren’t sadistic granny starvers that he really wants to help The Little Gal who is currently earning $18,000 less than the average U.S. salary, achieve her dreams. Provided she can do so with extra $13 and change a week.

Did I mention that Paul is significantly less intelligent than he thinks he is?

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