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When ICE, our government sanctioned fascist force dedicated to ethnic cleansing, captures largely law-abiding and hard working people seeking to make a better life for themselves and their families and deports them, what happens? The answer is they play right into the hands of the organized crime of Mexico.

The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency knows the city of Nuevo Laredo is one of the most dangerous places in Mexico, yet it continues to send tens of thousands of deportees there every year.

Within a span of a recent week, three Painesville residents were deported to the border town in northeast Mexico. Two were kidnapped and beaten. They were released only after their families in the U.S. paid the cartel thousands of dollars.A third was robbed as she tried to reach family members.

Many other deportees are far less fortunate.

Those who have studied the town’s violence say many victims kidnapped as they cross into Mexico are not released, even if their families pay. They are forced to work in marijuana fields and drug factories, or are forced to kill for the cartel. Young women end up as prostitutes.

All to support the gang’s criminal enterprise.

When Americans talk about Mexico, they complete forget their direct role in creating the violence of that nation. Do you like to smoke weed and live in a state where that is not legal? Do a little heroin or cocaine or meth from time to time? That is probably coming from Mexico or is being shipped through Mexico. Do you oppose gun restrictions? That helps buyers ship huge numbers of guns south. Support NAFTA and free trade as it is presently constructed? You are undermining the economy of the Mexican working class by making farming impossible and forcing people into finding alternative economic activities. And sending people over the border into hopeless situations is basically a form of torture, terrorizing vulnerable populations that the gangs are ready to pounce upon.

Once again, ICE should be abolished. Those working for ICE should be publicly shamed and named. This agency represents everything that America should not be. We need to completely start over on our immigration policy. Of course, the choice of the Americans who voted for the fascist in the White House is to Make America White Again and thus here we are.

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