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British and American Media Digital Frontpages on Manchester Attack


Living here in the UK, this is the closest I have ever physically been to a terrorist attack. I’ve never visited Manchester and so much of Europe still feels like a far away imaginary place to me. It is hard to comprehend the level and the proximity of the violence and I think it will take time for me to truly process it and offer any kind of perspective on what’s happening.

While I wait for more information and observe the reactions around me, I am following the images coming out of digital news. These screenshots were taken at roughly 2pm London time on May 23rd, the afternoon after the attack. There are some interesting differences. See if you can spot them.

BBC News

The Guardian

The Guardian is actually leading with a number of images, some photos of identified victims and first responder images, that rotate automatically within the top box.


Much more disturbing image is chosen for the lede.


Thanks for focusing in on the real star of the show, MSNBC. ‘preciate it.

New York Times

The Manchester attack is the first and only full story on the page. The other half of the page is a rotating box of the latest opinion pieces and a chronological list of stories published in other sections.

Washington Post

Like the NYT set up, the front page of WaPo shares about equal space horizontally with a story about Trump asking intelligence chiefs to deny collusion with Russia, but the Manchester story gets a lot more vertical space. Unlike the NYT set up though, the space designated has an editorial slant to it that has less to do with the user interface.


If anyone knows of a better way to take quality screenshots of digital front pages, be sure to let me know. And watch this space for more analysis of the way media coverage unfolds.

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