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People who are not Steve Bannon less impressed by Steve Bannon than people who are


Hairy-nosed half ogre Steve Bannon to the “Freedom” Caucus:

Guys, look. This is not a discussion. This is not a debate. You have no choice but to vote for this bill.

Freedom Caucus to Bannon: Pppfffbt:

One of the members replied: “You know, the last time someone ordered me to something, I was 18 years old. And it was my daddy. And I didn’t listen to him, either.”

Sending skeevemeister Steve to do anything except frighten small children or lick coke off the mirror goes on the rapidly growing list of tRumpian rake steps.

The Freedom to Die if You Can’t Buy Caucus wasn’t moved – or amused – by Tangerine Nightmare’s attempt to get them to Yes. What Bannon is supposed to have got that the tRump ain’t got is beyond the ability of a mind of at least moderate intelligence to fathom.

As an aside, do take a second to read this concise deflation of the Trump as Deal Meister myth.

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Bannon’s point was: This is the Republican platform. You’re the conservative wing of the Republican Party. But people in the room were put off by the dictatorial mindset.

Why go with a complex explanation when the simple one will do? You gotta do it is all Bannon had. He and his boss lacked the intelligence to realize that was not going to do the trick.

What’s next: White House officials plan to plunge ahead with ambitious tax reform, but they know it’ll be harder now. As one of the lessons learned, look for the White House to drive the truck on tax reform


– to set the policy and work the members from the beginning, undercutting Ryan. So the border adjustment tax, a favorite of Ryan but viewed skeptically at best by the White House, is less likely to be part of Trump’s tax reform bid.

I do hope so. I can think of few things more likely to cause dyspepsia and tension headaches in the Republican House and Senate than a tax reform bill with tiny spray-tan fingerprints all over it. Perhaps that’s what he was working on during the meetings he had at out his golf course in Virginia today. Perhaps he’ll learn from yesterday’s clusterfuck. And perhaps my unicorn will come in the mail today.

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