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Twit-for-tat politics


Regulations are bad. The worst! They won’t let you do whatever you want! shouts the yammering yam at 1600 Penn. Ave. And so he took his big yuge beautiful pen in his clammy little paw and …

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Monday aiming to kickstart campaign pledges to slash regulations.

The measure will expand regulatory review with the goal of revoking two regulations for every new one put forward, according to a senior administration official. Under the order, federal agencies will propose rules they want to drop and the White House will review them.

And not understand them. I mean, has anyone in that gang ever even looked at the United States Code? Do they have any idea what’s covered by the term Regulation? Or how rules are made?

Of course not. Anyone with any idea of how the regulatory process works would not even joke about doing this. Someone has given Bannon or perhaps Trumplethinskin himself a list of the titles of regulations that are Bad, including no doubt any that Trump doesn’t like and that’s it. When everything – even regulations industries have requested – grinds to a halt, the Republicans will claim they’re being efficient.

While signing the order surrounded by small business owners, Trump called it “the largest ever cut by far in terms of regulation.” It sets a budget each year for what new regulations would cost the economy, companies and employers.

Small business owners who will – unless they’re extremely lucky – be completely screwed over as business owners and individuals when rules designed to help and protect them are gutted. But #MAGA! am I right?

There are some exceptions.

The executive order appears to allow the director of the Office of Management and Budget to exempt any regulations he or she may see fit. Trump’s OBM nominee hasn’t yet been confirmed. Pre-defined exemptions include those dealing with the military, national security and foreign affairs, or any regulation related to agency organization, management, or personnel.

Fortunately you can tell by looking at a regulation whether it will have any impact on the excepted areas. :-/

And of course it will be a clusterfuck for well-run businesses of all sizes, since running a business means planning ahead for the introduction of new regulations and the elimination of old regulations.

Consider for example, the health care industry.

Amit Sarang, a regulatory policy advocate at watchdog Public Citizen, said the rule may be problematic for providers and vendors who have significantly invested in adjusting their businesses around new or upcoming regulations. “We don’t know which of these healthcare regulations that the healthcare industry has already complied with and sunk costs into are going to have to be repealed in order to allow for expected regulations,” Sarang said.

There are dozens of regulations leveled against the healthcare industry every year. They include licensing requirements, quality and safety inspections and standards to adhere to payment policies. Among the major ones released last year include: a mandated medical loss ratio for managed care plans as well as overhauled how the plans are overseen by the CMS; a ban on discrimination at federally-funded hospitals, physician practices and clinics; a rule that allowed claims data to be sold; and the new payment models outlined in the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA)

But Steve Bannon’s #2 wouldn’t know anything about running a business, and fly-by-night scams will do just fine.

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