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The Electoral College



I do not per se approve of Lessig’s argument that the Electoral College should vote for Hillary Clinton based upon the combination of Hillary Clinton’s large margin in the popular vote and Donald Trump being a danger to the nation’s future. I do however find it interesting that such an argument is a completely legitimate response to this election that can be published in the Washington Post’s op-ed page. The constitutional crisis this would cause would be enormous. On the other hand, the constitutional crisis caused by a Trump presidency and the widespread violations of rights to come is going to be equally enormous. The only way I could really approve of this is for this to lead to the end of the electoral college. On the other hand, given what we are facing, any solution is better than what we are facing. Though hey, if only we had supported Lessig’s brilliant idea to run for president just to pass campaign finance reform by magic and then he would resign, we’d be in a totally better situation!

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