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World’s Last True Leftist Becomes Central Cog of Neoliberal University



Hey, what’s Freddie doing?

Hi, I’m Freddie. I’m an academic and a writer. I’m the Academic Assessment Manager at Brooklyn College in the City University of New York system. In that capacity, I work with faculty and administrators to better assess student learning and student outcomes, to make Brooklyn College work better and more equitably for students, instructors, and the entire college community. I’m also a writer who writes for newspapers, magazines, and websites. My first book is currently under contract with Harvard University Press.


No sorry, Fucking LOL. What a gigantic hypocrite. I guess we know why Freddie left Twitter recently.

I wonder how he will assess the work of his new colleague, “tenured radical” Karl Steel?

It should go without saying, but this is a lie. It’s an intentional and direct misrepresentation of what I wrote. It’s a lie. There is no way that any remotely honest human being could read my piece and believe that I said that race doesn’t matter. None. At all. It is flagrantly dishonest. Karl Steel: you are a liar and a coward. I know that being cool with the right people is all that people like you care about. I know this is all about teams, for you. I know that politics is, for people like Karl Steel, a game of popularity and digital strokes, where what matters is not that what you say is true or fair or generative or politically valuable or smart, but rather that it deliver the right kind of reciprocal regard for others so that you can get favorites and retweets in return. I get that all of these people are a few years away from NIMBY liberalism and, finally, affluent apathy. I still find it sort of shocking that some people can be so basically, directly dishonest.

I mean, it’s just possible that someone who has spent years telling liberals and the left that THEY ARE DOING IT WRONG LISTEN TO ME I AM VERY SERIOUS!!! might have some bridges to mend as he goes into the neoliberal academy.

And look, I don’t begrudge any PhD finding a job. The job market for professors is horrible. However, there are two caveats. The first is that taking a job as an assessment person is literally a deal with the devil. I would rather move to the private sector. At least you could have pride and, I don’t know, a secret hope that someday you could overthrow capitalism from the inside or something. But Freddie has been angling for an assessment job for some time.

Second, it’s that Freddie is a huge hypocrite. He built a whole and quite famous internet persona on the evils of everything he is now doing. I guess he took this job because:

I haven’t been an activist for over 10 years, but for a long time I still believed in political progress. And one day not too long ago I woke up and realized I just don’t. Not anymore. And every day, the conversation gets more safe, more corporate, more restricted, less interesting, less honest, and less free.

And now he will make academia more safe, more corporate, more restricted, less interesting, less honest, and less free.

I mean, Christ, if you are leaving the internet because you have accepted a job in the neoliberal university helping to destroy the academy, at least don’t pretend you are leaving the internet because of your principles.

But then again, #Freddie.

I just have one last very important question. Will Freddie be wearing pleated khakis in his new job? I would have linked to the original post where he accused me of this because I don’t know why but it’s a huge insult evidently. But Freddie is cleaning up his internet history as fast as he can.

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