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Infilaw school transitions from normal villainy to cartoonish super-villainy



The ABA, which is finally under serious fire from federal regulators for rubber-stamping a seemingly endless cavalcade of crazily expensive new law schools with horrible admissions and bar passage statistics, is on the verge of actually putting some teeth into its bar passage requirements.

If adopted, the new rules would require 75% of a school’s graduates who take the bar to pass it within two years of graduation. When I wrote about this a few months ago, some incredibly cynical and mean-spirited commenters noted that a school could tweak its stats by paying graduates not to take the bar, or even better yet just flunking out students right before they were set to graduate.

Not surprisingly, the Infilaw schools — the 9th circle of the law school scam — are becoming visionary thought leaders in this field. Here’s an email that Dean Shirley Mays of Arizona Summit just sent to the school’s third-year (!) students:

I strongly encourage each of you to take the pre-bar prep class. It will help prepare you to take the bar exam. The pre-bar prep class will have as a final a mock bar exam which will contribute significantly to your grade. Taking the mock bar exam will afford you the opportunity to receive feedback about your strengths and areas of improvement going into the bar exam. It also will give you a taste of what you will experience two months after graduation as you prepare for the February or July 2017 bar exam.

To facilitate taking the pre-bar prep class, we will offer the class from 0 – 4 credits. Thus, for example, if taking the class will shift you from part-time to full-time status, take the class for 0 credits and you can take the class for free. Kudos to those of you who already have taken the initiative and added this class to your schedule. If you would like to take the class for fewer than 4 credits, we will send instructions on how to do so prior to the add/drop period.

Please note, effective with the May 2017 graduates, even though taking the class is not a requirement, a passing score on a mock bar exam will be a graduation requirement. We will share these specifics in a subsequent email early next week.

Warm regards,

Dean Mays

Note, this brand new and very substantial requirement for graduation (and thus for eligibility to take the bar), has been imposed on people who are a week away from starting their final year of law school, at an institution that has already charged them nearly $90,000 in tuition, and is about to charge them $45,000 more.

Yet given the complete cratering of the school’s bar passage rates and the impending possibility of the ABA imposing real standards, this sort of grift on steroids is only to be expected.

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