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You know it’s election season when a nominee from the party of bigotry stands in front of a bunch of white people and announces that since African-Americans’ lives are terrible anyway (because that bigotry thing works really well) they should vote for him.

I’m … not convinced! Just as I failed to find Black People Should Vote for Republicans Because the Democrat Party Argle Static +++Out of Cheese Error+++ convincing every other time they’ve trotted that one out. Of course the seasoned political observer, or anyone with a pulse, will note that those statements serve a dual purpose. If it convinces an African-American or two to vote R, that’s all to the good. But mainly it’s another example of the compulsive need to repeat their world view in order to make sure reality doesn’t slip through their cracks.

Also so that Party of Lincoln ad isn’t the stupidest thing that comes out of the GOP during an election cycle.

Here’s the text of Trump’s remarks for those of you who would rather stick wasps in your ears (or can’t get the video to play).

AA Shoutreach

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