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Today in the Kansas Economic Miracle



The rewards of Sam Brownback’s PRO-GROWTH tax and spending cuts just keep coming:

The new July jobs report released Friday is an utter disaster for Kansans and embattled Gov. Sam Brownback.

Here are the lowlights.

▪ The state lost 5,600 jobs from June to July.

▪ The unemployment rate jumped to 4.1 percent from 3.8 percent in June.

▪ Over the last year, Kansas has actually shed 4,500 jobs.

▪ The Sunflower State’s “growth” rate over that 12 months is a minus 0.3 percent — 5th worst in the nation. Only Wyoming, North Dakota, Louisiana and Oklahoma were behind Kansas.

▪ Kansas had employment of 1,395,700 in July 2016 — or a stunning 600 fewer jobs than when Brownback’s second term started way back in January 2015.

▪ Finally, Kansas is nowhere close to adding the 2,000 jobs a month that Brownback had pledged during his re-election campaign in 2014.

As DeLong says, the fact that metro Kansas City straddles the border with Missouri created the possibility that the policies would appear to “work” by attracting wealth across the border, and they haven’t even been able to attain that phony level of success. Hopefully Steve Moore will find some time off from his “work” with the Trump campaign to write an op-ed explaining why his supply-side policies have actually been a yooge win for Kansas and besides it’s too early to judge. We could all use a good laugh right now.

Note: Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell want to take the Kansas miracle national.

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