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Rowsdonald Saves Us and Saves All the World!


Conor Friedersdorf interviewed a 22-year-old Trump supporter (white and male, natch). The result is every bit as facepalmy as you might expect. My takeaways:

  • The obsession with the idea of political correctness is notable. I wonder how many Trump supporters have a similar obsession.
  • Really what the PC complaints come down to is resentment about having to self-censor. The world doesn’t uniformly defer to the opinions of straight, white, conservative men and so occasionally these men might find themselves in a situation where they have to demure or self-censor. This galls them.
  • The little shit wants a “pure merit-based” system in lieu of affirmative action. [Level of merit to be determined by little shits like him, I assume.]
  • Young Trumper considers agreeing to allow access merely to birth control to be a leftist position. My Overton Window, let me show you it.
  • Young Trumper thinks that BLM protesters should face consequences. He doesn’t say what kind of consequences. WHAT does he mean by this? Does *he* even know?
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