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Victor Davis Hanson Is Drunk Again



I’ve been trying to do less blatant stealing from Roy, but he when he dangles shiny, beautiful, glittering goods like this in front of me, I’m powerless not to make grabby hands. Anyway, Victor Davis Hanson is in rare form. He is shining on like the craziest diamond in NRO’s crown.

Trump is a gladiator, and his supporters are shrieking, thumbs-down spectators. Sheathing his blood-stained blade would empty the stadium and put him back on The Apprentice. Does a Kim Kardashian suddenly stop flashing her boobs on YouTube in worry over what others might think?



Trump is not so much appealing to the ethnic prejudices of the white poor and working class, or playing on their perceived resentments of the Other.

Or it’s very much like that but the fact that Hillary Clinton gives speeches to Goldman Sachs clouds my brain sometimes. I don’t know. Who knows who’s racist in this crazy, mixed-up world?


Our popular culture is one of Pajama Boy, Mattress Girl, and the whiny, nasal-toned young metrosexual with high-water pants above his ankles and horn-rimmed glasses who “analyzes” on cable news. Is it any wonder that millions sympathized with the heroism of Benghazi’s middle-class defenders rather than with the contortions of the far better-educated, smoother, more sensitive, and wealthier Rhodes scholar Susan Rice, novelist Ben Rhodes, or former First Lady Hillary Clinton?


It’s true, though. I’m always saying to millennials in ill-fitting pants “Hey, did you see that new Pajama Boy vine? It’s is much better than the Benghazi hearing channel on youtube. Only squares watch the Benghazi hearings.”

Trump is a dangerously effective classic demagogue not because the working white poor are empty-vessel racists, but rather because he has split white America along class lines and has

Who really knows why this split happened? I’m sure it wasn’t because the animus was already there. I’m sure Donald Trump just pulled it out of his tribble-wig and sprinkled it on a bunch of lower-middle-class white people. I know this–BENGHAZI!!


There are two characteristics common to popular uses of the term “white”: It is almost always used pejoratively, and it is mostly voiced by elites of all backgrounds — and usually as a slur against the white working and “clinger” classes. So “the Latino vote” reflects shared aspirations; “the white vote” merely crude resentment. Those who benefit from affirmative action are not privileged, but those who do not certainly are. Whites cling in Neanderthal fashion to their legal rifles; inner-city youth hardly at all to their illegal handguns. Buying a jet-ski on credit is typical redneck stupidity; borrowing $200,000 to send a kid to a tony private university from which he will graduate more ignorant and arrogant than when he enrolled is wise. White “evangelicals” are puzzling for their crude hypocrisies; not so the refined paradoxes of Congregationalists and Episcopalians. Smoking is self-destruction, while injecting a strain of botulism toxin into your face is not self-mutilation.
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