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Bacon: 2 bspencer: 0 … ‘n’ More

      • Last weekend I cracked an egg in some piping hot bacon fat. Some of the fat splattered all over my fingers, giving me an incredibly ugly, painful burn. Today I was pulling some bacon out of the toaster oven using only a kitchen towel as an oven mitt when it began to feel too hot, so I abruptly put it on the kitchen counter. Again, piping hot bacon fat splattered on my hand, causing an incredibly painful burn. It’s depressing learning at the age of 43 that cured meats are smarter than I am.




    • Travel photos are better with toy dinosaurs. Like, no duh.



    • Area Man Denies Padme Lakshmi–Famous, Beautiful Model, Author and TV Personality–His Manly Essence is a great Onion headline. But it’s not from The Onion.



I wish I had made this up, but I’m just NOT.THAT.CLEVER. hence my struggles with cured meats. Anyway here’s…
GamerGate: The Musical!

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