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Above: People who Fred Hiatt wishes would go away

Fred Hiatt, who has no problem hiring 312 conservatives who all say the same thing, has fired Harold Meyerson, one of the paper’s only liberal voices. Why?

Of course. In Hiatt’s universe, writing about labor power has no value. Better that those workers are unemployed and then join the military so we can invade another Islamic nation for no good reason. Hey, he should hire another 14 writers for the op-ed page who want to see that happen!

[SL] Peter Dreier has more.

My “favorite” part of this is a guy who’s been paying Robert Samuelson to write the same column about how all federal entitlement programs need to be cut for decades firing Harold Meyerson because he writes about the same issue too much. But, of course, 1)Samuelson’s one column idea happens to dovetail with Fred Hiatt’s views, and 2)while “ideological diversity” may mean hiring torture apologists or universally derided hacks, as Erik says God forbid it extend to the left to apply to writers of actual talent.

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