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Black Friday


I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. If you’re voluntarily taking part in the Black Friday Shoppernalia remember that biting, scratching and hitting below the belt are strictly forbidden.

If you’re an involuntary participant (i.e. you have to work in some retail house o’ horrors) then it’s whatever you can get away with, so far as I’m concerned. Been there, done that, think cattle prods and coshes should be part of every retail workers’ ensemble.

If you’re not working or shopping, my favorite cash drain has some ideas for how you can spend the day.

Related – Never been to a state park? Have a household of humans who need to burn off the excess energy from a breakfast of pumpecapple piecake? Parks in several states say ‘Come on up and see me.’ (Maryland, you disappoint me.)

Or, you could go back to sleep.

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