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Lucy and Ethel Destroy the Tech Industry

Approximation of what the Fake Rape Honeypot Operation being foiled by whistleblowers that totally aren’t making shit up would look like


It’s a plan so stupid and insane it just has to work.

“Yesterday, Eric S. Raymond, a software developer and open-source software advocate, published an explosive allegation on his blog: a recently disbanded group called the Ada Initiative, which advertises itself as helping make tech more welcoming for women, had been attempting to entrap men by using “honey pots” to seduce them and then accuse them of rape. “The MO was to get alone with the target, and then immediately after cry ‘attempted sexual assault,”

YES. Now women are using their heads. Instead of using men as networking and mentoring sources, just get one alone, accuse him of rape and then set up a Patreon account to collect all those sweet fake rape report dabloons*. IT’S SO SIMPLE. I don’t know why women in tech didn’t think of it sooner.

“And the Ada Initiative shut down earlier this year. Nevertheless, this report is consistent with reports of SJW [social-justice-warrior, a derogatory term used frequently in anti-feminist writing] dezinformatsiya tactics from elsewhere and I think it would be safest to assume that they are being replicated by other women-in-tech groups.”

“Safest” is one word, certainly.

*Fake rape report money always comes in the form of dabloons.

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