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Government Provolone


Conservatives seemingly never run out of ideas for trying to deprive and humiliate poor people. (Thank you to Scott S. for the link!) Check out this list of dairy items poor Wisconsinites may or may not be able to buy:

  • No fresh Mozzarella for the plebes.
  • No sharp cheddar, either. Everybody knows one taste of sharp cheddar leads to revolution.
  • I didn’t know American cheese came not individually wrapped. No fancy fake cheese, huh? SUCK IT, POORS!
  • No crumbles. So that means no great convenience ingredients like crumbled Feta or Bleu. I’m starting to get the impression that Wisconsin lawmakers simply don’t want poor people to put anything tasty in their mouths.

I’m just genuinely baffled by this list. I mean, it really looks as though these guys went out of their way to be cruel to poor people.

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