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No, Really, the Supreme Court Going Troofer Would Be A Disaster



Very important point by Greg Sargent here:

Scott Walker has now supplied yet another piece of evidence that Republicans will likely find themselves unable or unwilling to act if the Supreme Court guts Obamacare subsidies for millions in three dozen states. In the process, he’s illustrated how such a Court ruling will likely set in motion a mad frenzy of buck-passing among Republicans over what to do about all those people — and how that might spill over into the 2016 presidential race.

A spokesperson for Walker has now confirmed that should the Court rule that way, he will not view it as the state’s responsibility to fix the problem that results — and instead says that responsibility will fall to the federal government.

The textbook version of checks and balances maintains that institutions will jealously guard there own power. In practice, however, high veto point systems provide ample opportunity for public officials to evade responsibility. The combination of separation of powers and federalism will allow Republican public officials to evade responsibility for the consequences of Republican Supreme Court accepting the premise of a libertarian lawsuit to achieve Republican policy goals. And, sadly, it has a good chance of working: the assumption that voters will know that Obama isn’t to blame for failures related to “Obamacare” is probably wrong. But at any rate, it’s abundantly clear that this is what Republicans at both the federal and state level are going to try.

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