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Thank You John Roberts!


A good analysis of how many people have been denied access to medical care because of a ludicrously irrational Supreme Court decision:

In 2012, the Supreme Court ruled that a cornerstone of the Affordable Care Act — its expansion of Medicaid to low-income people around the country — must be optional for states. But what if it had ruled differently?

More than three million people, many of them across the South, would now have health insurance through Medicaid, according to an Upshot analysis of data from Enroll America and Civis Analytics. The uninsured rate would be two percentage points lower.

Today, the odds of having health insurance are much lower for people living in Tennessee than in neighboring Kentucky, for example, and lower in Texas than in Arkansas. Sharp differences are seen outside the South, too. Maine, which didn’t expand Medicaid, has many more residents without insurance than neighboring New Hampshire. In a hypothetical world with a different Supreme Court ruling, those differences would be smoothed out.

Fortunately, now that the Roberts Court has stood up for the Equal Sovereign Dignitude of the states and heightened the contradictions, freeing the poor from the burden of what might even be the ultimate evil of private health insurance, I would expect Tennessee and Texas to have single payer health care any year now.

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