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First, a negative but thoughtful review of Grounded from Tony Carr:

Is there a chance that independent airpower could fall prey to budget austerity and departmental defense reform? While the idea seems far-fetched, the Air Force was nervous enough about it a few years ago to mobilize authors and affiliates to raise a pre-emptive defense. This anxiety reflects recognition that the country is in uncharted budgetary and defense territory, and that the Air Force — an agency without a Constitutional mandate — could be stripped of independent status with comparative ease.

Cue scholar Robert Farley, who recently rendered the Air Force a service with his book “Grounded: The Case For Abolishing the United States Air Force.

Read the whole thing, etc. More importantly, the University Press of Kentucky has decided to grace this fair Earth with a paperback edition of Grounded. To quote Stephen Colbert: “if you did not get this before, get it now. And if you did get it before, get it now.”

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