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There are lots of things I think are funny, even hilarious. Although I am not 12, I use “LOL” as shorthand for “wow, that was funny.” But very few things literally make me laugh out loud. I mean, Dick Cheney can’t shoot someone in the face in every day. Yes, he’s physically able now that he has his robot heart, lovingly crafted by Satan. But it’s against the law to go around shooting people in the face. Dick Cheney knows this–he checked. What I’m getting at is that comedians can only riff on Dick Cheney not being able to tell a human face from a quail for so long. And then we’re back to how airline food isn’t so great and how black people walk like this and white people walk like this*. So I’m thankful for anything that can elicit honest-to-gosh chuckles.

@Midnight stole my heart and won my allegiance when its amazing fast-talking host, Chris Hardwick, referred to Guy Fieri** as a “human Hard Rock Cafe.” But there’s more! The show is consistently hilarious. I’ve actually laughed out loud at every single episode. Plus, plus, plus, there’s been a comedienne on every episode (I’ve seen) and she’s been treated like an actual funny person, not a token. So, yeah, I’m a huge fan of the show. Funny people riffing on the weirdness and idiocy lurking on the internet? It’s almost can’t-miss comedy. But the truth is, shows like this can always miss. Luckily this one doesn’t.

ANYHOO, this is where I’m getting my lulz these days. Where are you getting yours?

*Granted this is 2013, not 1989, but you get my point.

**I actually have nothing against Guy Fieri, who seems like a perfectly nice guy to me. My only beef with him is that all his recipes have 20 billion ingredients in them.

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