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If I wait to write this post this weekend, the topic will be moot, so…

Do you Halloween?

Do you do cute Halloween or scary Halloween?

What are your plans?

Any chance you will be dressing up as a “sexy” something, like, say a a “sexy Cthulhu” or a “sexy T-Rex?”

Are you going to hand out candy?  If so, are you going to A. Hand out good stuff like candy bars or B.) Be extremely lame and try to sneak something nominally healthy in my bag C.) Put a razor blade in my candy apple? If you checked C, why are you such a dick?

I was never really into Halloween until recently. It’s just that now the holiday makes so much sense to me. I mean, candy, dress-up, horror movie marathons, being silly? What’s not to like?

But, for the record, I’m firmly on Team Cute.

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