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More on the Internship Scam


Tim Noah is making sense:

Unfortunately, Pauley’s decision didn’t address the biggest moral objection to unpaid internships: they’re starkly inegalitarian. Wealthier kids are in a much better position to work free of charge than non-wealthy kids, especially when you take into account the burden of college debt


Another moral offense largely unaddressed in Judge Pauley’s decision is the way colleges and universities use unpaid internships to line their pockets at students’ expense. To the halfhearted extent bosses previously enforced Walling for interns at all, they did so by persuading institutions of higher learning to grant college credit for unpaid internships.


The unpaid-intern model has run its ignoble course. If Judge Pauley has dealt it a fatal blow, good riddance. And if he hasn’t—if other judges fail to follow suit, or if he’s reversed on appeal—then that’s a pity. Interns are workers, and workers are supposed to get paid.


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