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A Rape Joke Done Right. Ironically.


I had to share this comment with you because it’s ironic that it’s a essentially a rape joke in a thread about not telling rape jokes, and it’s completely awesome.

I’m of the opinion that almost anything can be funny–no matter how awful–if the joke is skillfully-told. The reason this made me chuckle is because  a.) it’s just plain funny and b.) the target of the joke is not rape survivors, but, instead, would-be rapists and rape-joke apologists. Also, it’s COMPLETELY OBVIOUS that the joke-teller is not treating rape cavelierly.

When it comes to comedy, yes, edgy can be awesome and I am not pro-censorship even slightly…so go ahead and make any joke you like. But if you tell a joke that’s cruel and people take offense, expect pushback. If you’re tough enough to do your edgy comedy, be tough enough to take the pushback graciously.

IT’S LIKE RAIN ON MY WEDDING DAY IRONY UPDATE: More irony, y’all! A couple people called me out on my “man enough” phrase. So I changed it. Was it Leftist Orwellian Language Control? No. It was the Minotaur of Oppression. But I think I’m gonna be ok.

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