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The “Romney is to the Left of Obama” Genre of Endorsement Just Reached a New Low


I present you Dilbert creator Scott Adams endorsing Mitt Romney–because he believes Romney will be less harsh in prosecuting marijuana usage than Obama.

This gets at the inanity of the civil libertarian arguments throughout much of this election. It’s not that Obama has been good on civil liberties–he has not. He’s been terrible on marijuana legalization, overriding state desires for decriminalization. Personally, I believe that’s because Obama flat out doesn’t care about this issue and thus is letting federal law enforcement do whatever it wants. But whatever, Obama has been bad, as he has been on any number of civil libertarian issues.

However, the idea that Mitt Romney is going to be better than Obama on any one of these issues–drug war, Guantanamo detainees, Patriot Act stuff, drones, spying on citizens, etc., is completely absurd and to say otherwise makes civil libertarians look like complete morons that shouldn’t be taken seriously. Sounds like Dilbert needs to put down the bong and actually learn something about Mitt Romney.

Again, we need a tougher, smarter left, whether on its economic or civil wing. Saying things like Romney wouldn’t prosecute the drug war is an embarrassment.

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