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Bolsheviki v. Bolshevik


On the twitters last night, I was wondering when the term “Bolsheviki” declined vis-a-vis “Bolshevik.” I assumed it was around 1930 or so. I still have no idea why the term fell out of us. But then a Twitter friend created this for me on the googles, which evidently can do some interesting things.

It does confirm that “Bolsheviki” is basically not used after about 1930. It also shows a rapid decline in talking about “Bolsheviks” in the late 30s. I assume this has to do with our building alliance with the USSR to fight Hitler, although the decline is well before 1941 and it seems before 1939.

Anyway, now I have to find out why “Bolsheviki” went out of fashion.

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