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There’s pathetic and then there is this.


Someone sent me a link to this and asked me to analyze it:

What is this monstrosity? It’s a Chris Muir print

signed by the following giants of the Blogosphere: Michelle Malkin, Glenn and Helen Reynolds (Instapundit and Dr.Helen), Bill Whittle (Afterburner), Jeff Goldstein (Protein Wisdom), Ed Morrissey (Hot Air), Robert Stacy McCain (The Other McCain), and Mandy Nagy (Liberty Chick).

Where to begin the hilarity? If this is a play on “The Last Supper” why did Muir put Eric Holder in the Jesus-spot? Why didn’t he put Obama in the Judas-spot? How about the self-aggrandizing placement of the folks around the table: Sarah Palin and President Obama are equals, as are Michelle Malkin and Nancy Pelosi. Jeff Goldstein’s just as influential as someone who could be Chris Matthews. (It’s difficult to tell because Muir can’t use the cartoon filter in Photoshop any better than he can draw.) But we needn’t even worry about where people are at the table because the real hubris is that they’re there at all.

The mind boggles.

UPDATE: As noted in the comments, the poorly drawn Democrats (and John Roberts) are affiliated with the phrase “Exitus Acta Probat,” which can also be found here:

That’d be the coat of arms of that most traitorous of Americans—George Washington.

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