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The Most Horrible People In the World


How bad are our elites? So many examples:  Edward DeMarco, Fred Hiatt, Ben Bernacke…

Two events from the last week have underscored this disturbing reality. The most widely covered was the Federal Reserve’s announcement that, despite a weakening economy, it still would not take steps to stimulate growth. The Fed may not like mass unemployment, but it dislikes inflation even more, and in its calculus, the hypothetical prospect of the latter outweighs the immediate reality of the former.

Here’s a second case, smaller but even more telling. The Obama administration has tried to prevail upon Edward DeMarco, the acting director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, to offer lower mortgage rates to underwater home owners through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which he controls. What interests me is not the proposal itself, nor even DeMarco’s obstinate refusal, but an editorial in the Washington Post applauding DeMarco for refusing to implement the program.

And, yes, Obama needs to make an interim appointment to get rid of the reprehensible DeMarco (and, of course, Obama was far too late in moving to deal with the housing market, which could have used funds that had already been appropriated.)

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