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The War Continues


Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has reappointed Helen Dragas, architect of the coup that temporarily ousted University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan, to the Board of Visitors.

As I said before, the corporate community is in this war on public higher education for the long haul. There’s no question that right-wingers like McDonnell fully support this war. Public outrage may have forced the coup leaders to back off briefly, but they are ready for another battle. I imagine the goal here is to make Sullivan’s presidency as uncomfortable as possible to force her to resign using more subtle means. McDonnell also named a couple of people with higher education backgrounds to the Board to blunt criticism that all of its members came from the corporate community, but the reappointment of Dragas is what sends the clearest message.

But let there be no question, this is a war on public higher education and we have to be vigilant on every front to save it.

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