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Pierce on DNC Incompetence


Like myself, Charlie Pierce finds himself beating his head against the wall over the inaction of the Democratic National Committee in Wisconsin. Pierce not only unloads on the DNC for failing to help Tom Barrett defeat Scott Walker in the Wisconsin recall, but he makes a frightening and possibly true assertion that if Walker wins, he becomes the favorite for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, assuming a second term for Obama. And he makes this correct statement:

I am less than optimistic about Tom Barrett’s chances because he’s getting outspent about 20-1, and because the numbers stubbornly refuse to move. This should be a base-vs.-base election, but it’s being played, at least by the Democrats, as yet another unicorn-hunt after “independent voters.” Barrett keeps talking about the “civil war” that Walker incited in Wisconsin. But that’s not the argument. There should have been a “civil war” over what Walker was trying to do. There wouldn’t even be a recall without what Barrett calls “the civil war.” The “civil war” was entirely appropriate. Sometimes, in politics, there are issues worth screaming about. I’m no expert, but the end of collective bargaining during an era of flat-lining wages would seem to be one of those. By citing the “civil war” as the reason for voting for him, and without, I believe, intending to do so, Barrett makes all those people standing in the cold last January marginally complicit in what he says as the problem the recall was meant to solve.

Again, Republicans understand politics far better than Democrats.

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