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Immoral, But Also Unwatchable


Apparently, figuring out that Glee was terrible two years ago is a rare case of me being ahead of the curve. And even leaving aside the rancid mixture of politics that are self-congratulatory and exploitative, the aesthetic appeal of the barely passable because of Jane Lynch comedy/atrociously mawkish and cartoonish melodrama/bad jukebox musical (but I repeat myself) combination the show represents was never obvious.

…I actually see Atrios’s point here; it was never going to be a show I was wild about simply because of my general aversion to jukebox musicals. But I also agree that it got substantially worse after the first 6-8 episodes, which were not without their charms and IIRC were definitely lighter on the Very Special Episodism. Although the fact that they used a dying-soap-opera plotline like an implausibly faked pregnancy in the first season was a really bad sign.

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