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Two Hacks, Beat as One


Andrew Revkin is getting defensive over the backlash against his hack job on Peter Gleick leaking the Heartland documents. Revkin has pulled out the big guns to make us stop–the notoriously ethical Megan McArdle!!!

[7:37 p.m. | Updated | I’ve been remiss in not pointing out the important reporting of Megan McArdle of The Atlantic on the origins of the Heartland files and some of Gleick’s statements. Her latest piece is a must-read that asks more probing questions and clarifies what is, and is not, responsible investigative journalism.]

Yes, the full-on conspiracy theorist McArdle clearly gives us all lessons in responsible investigative journalism. Moreover, her long-demonstrated objectivity on climate change should give anyone defending Glecik pause. Pause to think whether Revkin or McArdle is the greatest hack.

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