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Prove your love, you’ve got to prove your love…


As those of you on Facebook already know, I’m in a situation similar to the Great Library Entanglement of October 2007. Point being, a number of you have written asking why I haven’t been blogging more frequently, and the short answer is that I haven’t really had a computer for the past two months. I’ve got a laptop that can’t open documents and was birthday gifted a Kindle which, also, can’t open documents (much less display the visuals I need to do my work on, you know, visual rhetoric).

So I’m going to take the patented Goldstein route of utter classnesses and ask for some help. If the university un-pays me as planned, I won’t be able to afford a new computer for at least another few months. So if you’d like to see me back blogging sooner — that is, if you value what I write and want to read more of it* — chip in and help my legs find some feet to stand on.

I’m already headless, after all.

If you feel inclined to donate, you can do so at my place. And thanks to my fellow co-bloggers for allowing me the opportunity to go full Goldstein at our shared abode. I promise I’ll wipe down the stench of him a.s.a.p.

*Especially if you’re a fan of any of these posts, which are labor- and resource-intensive to write. I just need the tools of my trade, basically:


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