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In one of the best blog posts of the year, Charles Pierce just destroys Jon Meachem’s analysis of Newt Gingrich. In part, beginning with quoting Meachem:

But by the September-October debates, Newt had grown impressive “by standing back and offering a Wise Man’s view of the political shenanigans onstage and in Washington generally. “Gingrich is the only person — if you watch the dial groups [voters recruited by pollsters to turn up a dial to express enthusiasm while watching a debate] and you look at the polling and you look at the focus groups and you look at the audience analysis that’s out there after the debates, Gingrich is the only guy up there who looks like a president other than Mitt,” said a Romney adviser. “The rest of them look like comedians.”

Forgive me, but if we’re talking “dial groups” made up of likely Republican primary voters, you’re talking about 20 or 30 mouthbreathers locked in a room and waiting for someone to send the cheese platter around again. If they think that Newt looks more like a president than Michele Bachmann, that’s only evidence of the fact that they can be allowed to walk around in public without a keeper. Jesus H. Christ bareback on a wildebeest, that’s the standard these days? Seriously, Jon, that really should tell you something.

Here’s a tip, Jon. Newt Gingrich is not going to turn into FDR just because people hate him, too. People hate Bill Buckner. He’s not going to be president, either.

Remind me never to make Pierce mad at me.

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