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Annals of slacktivism


I’m confused. Isn’t this how the wingers brought down the Iranian government last year?

Well, it turns out that the good people of Facebook-land have made the effort to defeat child abuse by replacing their profile pictures with images from cartoons. Um, okay guys good plan. I can’t possibly see how this plan will not work. Somewhere a father is raising his hand to beat his child when he decides to check on his Farmville first, and when he opens Facebook he sees Snarf from Thundercats and he thinks, “You know what? I think instead of beating my child I’ll take up knitting or maybe origami.” Mission accomplished, Facebook friend!

Then again, it’s an under-publicized historical fact that A. Lincoln was persuaded to issue the Emancipation Proclamation after millions of union supporters changed their Facechapbook avatars to dageuerreotypes of famous abolitionists.

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