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And The Worst Moment of His Presidency Was…


The former President in a forthcoming interview (emphasis mine):

MATT LAUER: You say you told Laura at the time it was the worst moment of your presidency?

GEORGE W. BUSH: Yes. My record was strong, I felt, when it came to race relations and giving people a chance. And it was a disgusting moment.

You might suppose he’s talking about Hurricane Katrina, and if you did, you’d only be half-wrong.  Because the “worst moment of [his] presidency,” according to the man himself, was this:

According to the man himself, then, Bush placed more importance on whether people perceived him to be racist than what happened to actual black people in the city of New Orleans.

In short, he proved Kanye right.

UPDATE: In the comments, nitpicker asks: “Um…9/11?”  I wish Lauer had had the nerve to ask the same.

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