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Where the Frak is My Frakking Actium?!!?!? (Spoiler Alert!)


So, I wait for two seasons and get all of two crappy battle scenes. I wait, because I know that they’ll do a good Actium; how could they not do a good Actium? It’s such a cinematic battle, with the ships and the fire and the Antony and the Cleopatra and the general awesomeness of a clash that would help set the course of the Mediterranean world for the next 400 years. What do I get? A couple ships burning in the distance, and a depressed Mark Antony blathering about it’s not so bad to lose epic historical battles.

On the other hand, it’s clear that Caesar Augustus would make a better President than G.W. Bush: “We need to keep the Egyptian people quiet. I suspect that destroying the Royal Palace with their Queen inside might make them peevish.”

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