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Bad Dreams


One mildly amusing side-product of all the election-induced anxiety I’ve been feeling has been some strange political dreams. Several days ago, I was flying to Florida to personally debate Jeb Bush on the merits of Ralph Nader as a presidential candidate. I desperately wanted him to get him to show some indication that his “support” for Nader was entirely strategic and disingenuous, but he was maddeningly successful at staying in character. I’m staying with my roommates’ insane winger family, who harass me endlessly about my support for an abortionist like Kerry. I make a token effort to explain to them that Kerry is not actually an abortionist or even a doctor, but they’re having none of it.

I was able to sleep last night, but barely. This time around, I had a decidedly un-PC dream about vote-counting difficulties. A friend of mine works for a fine non-profit called theĀ Northwest center, a fine organization that provides various services for the mentally disabled. One of the primary services they provide is employment assistance as well as direct employment onsite for adults with mental disabilities, the majority of whom have Downs syndrome. In the dream my friend and I are trying to administer the election and count the ballots of the clients of the NW Center. Proto-fascist goons, Ohio-style, are trying to challenge every voter. The voters are reacting poorly to this, and expressing their frustration in demanding and inappropriate ways. Needless to say, it was immensely stressful.

It’s absolutely pouring here in Seattle as the polls open. Ugh. I’m not worried about Kerry here, of course, but a few state races give me cause for concern. Oh well, off to vote, office hours, and making some last minute phone calls to GOTV.

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