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The lies and tautologies of Saint Ralph


This NYT profile of conservative vanity candidate Ralph Nader has some useful information.

First, I think we can put to rest the rationalization that, against all evidence, Nader would refrain from attacking Kerry and focus on Bush:

To Ralph Nader, the Democratic convention in Boston was a hollow charade that made Senator John Kerry, the Democratic presidential nominee, seem more like President Bush than ever.

Translation: “I was not given the keynote address at the DNC, proving that the Democrats are a decadent party that won’t stick up for whatever it is that I’m advocating.”

But it gets better. This encapsulates Nader’s illogic perfectly:

He called the Democrats a “decadent” party and, in a reference to Mr. Gore’s populist war cry in 2000, accused Mr. Gore of “taking my language away from me” and “costing me more votes than I cost him.”

In other words, when the Democrats move toward his message (such as it is), they’re evil. When they don’t, they’re evil. It’s almost enough to make me think that he doesn’t give a rat’s ass what the Democrats actually do.

Tonight, Letterman’s “George Bush Lie” segment used a clip of him saying “I read a lot of history.” But if you think that’s implausible, check this out:

“For 40 years, I’ve been giving members of Congress credit for things that I could take credit for,” he said. “Ego? I don’t know the meaning of the term.”

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