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Is irony dead? Hell, we buried the pieces…


From the front page of the web home of The Weekly Standard:

Fahrenheit 9/11 connects dots that aren’t there.
by Matt Labash.

Then, all of four stories down:

There was a Saddam-Osama connection and we’re learning more every day.
by Stephen F. Hayes

Wait, it gets better if you keep scrolling:

A Weekly Standard exclusive: Vice President Cheney on the Iraq-al Qaeda connection.
by Stephen F. Hayes

Shouldn’t they put this stuff on different pages or something?

And, as a special bonus, check out this laughably tendentious hackwork by Hugh Hewitt. Yes, if you set up a cost-benefit analysis that a)omits many of the costs, and b)counts as benefits cherry-picked anecdotal examples which you assert with no evidence whatsoever were related to the war in Iraq (although, frankly, if he wants to claim that North Korea’s current behavior is being caused by the Iraq War, I’ll stipulate to the causal connection. How this counts as a “benefit,” I don’t have the slightest idea.) Oh, and he also outright lies about Kerry’s position on the war. Truly, an article worthy of a publication that takes Stephen Hayes seriously.

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