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It’s 10:00 AM, do you know where your children are?


Rob and I recently discussed in comments the importance of taking on the best arguments made by people who disagree with you, rather than the worst. This is advice I try to apply to myself whenever possible. The problem is that on many issues, the semi-serious right is just nowhere near as much fun as the pathological right. I’m sure there are better arguments against gay marriage than this, but they’re nowhere near as much fun.

In this article, Steven Baskerville travels, Star Trek style, through some sort of portal to some alternative universe, and reports back on his adventures. It looks like our universe at first glance, but upon closer inspection, there are odd and troubling differences. Indeed, many of the facts about this universe are wildly unimaginable for those grounded in our reality:

Brittany Spears is a film critic for The Nation.

The Dutch have had a secret nuclear weapons program since the late 80’s, and recently detonated a test bomb is a vast underground military complex beneath Amsterdam.

After his long and successful career as a manager of several baseball teams, Earl Weaver went on to write a series of widely beloved children’s books, with illustrations by Dick Allen.

Houston, TX is consistently rated America’s most livable city, thanks in large part to its pleasant year round climate, clean air, and convenient and thorough public transit system.

Bill O’Reilly’s critically acclaimed novel is both an Oprah book of the month selection and a standby in Modern American Lit graduate courses.

And the state governments around the country are involved in a complicated and highly lucrative baby-stealing venture, using involuntary divorces and forced child abuse to remove children from the homes of God fearing heterosexuals and delivering them to Godless homos.

For the most part, I’m glad I live in my world and not this one. Although I’d be curious to see Brittany Spears’ take on all the hype about Spider Man II.

via pandagon.


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