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Scott’s already posted about Trump’s remarkable performance in Helsinki, which comes after his remarkable performances in London and in Brussels. Indeed, I almost worry that the appalling awfulness of the Helsinki summit will overshadow the horror show of Trump’s behavior at the NATO summit and in the country of “so many different names.” Almost. I’ve […]
You just need to read this. A quick, unpleasant, taste: And he repeatedly argues against using the word “xenophobia,” or the fear of foreigners, writing in side notes that he has concerns over “the malleability of the term now and in the future.” “[W]hat real or perceived offense is next to be considered ‘xenophobic?'” he […]

Apropos of Everything

On June 18, 2018

Because it’s a day for joyous celebration of the essential goodness of humanity, you should read this (surprisingly) good review essay by Cass Sunstein over at the New York Review of Books. All

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