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On May 23, 1950, the United Auto Workers and General Motors came to an agreement that became known as the Treaty of Detroit. This landmark agreement created labor peace in the auto industry but at the cost of the end of the the UAW’s attempt to gain greater control over production decisions and challenging the […]
On April 5, 1938, oral arguments began before the Supreme Court in the case of NLRB v. Mackay Radio and Telegraph Company. This case, while technically found in favor of labor, showed the very sharp limits of the Court in defending workers’ rights even at the height of the New Deal, when the decision allowed […]
On March 17, 1921, the Kronstadt Rebellion was crushed by Soviet military forces. This moment was not only a critical one in the consolidation of the Russian Revolution, but also the final nail in the coffin to any idea that workers would have the ability to protest their new proletarian government. One of the great […]
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