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On January 14, 1895, trolley workers in Brooklyn walk off the job. The largest and most violent strike in Brooklyn’s history to that point, it was in many ways a typical story of the Gilded Age where employers and the state combined to crush the reasonable demands of oppressed workers, often over public sympathy to […]
On January 3, 1931, farmers converged on England, Arkansas to demand poverty relief. This led to Will Rogers’ poverty tour and a greater national conversation about conditions in rural America in the early years of the Great Depression. In 1930, Arkansas suffered a severe drought, the worst in the state’s history to that time. The […]
On September 29, 1962, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference announced Operation Breadbasket, a boycott campaign against companies that refused to hire African-Americans. This was part of the larger civil rights campaigns around economic and workplace justice, which are often trivialized or forgotten completely by people who prefer easy narratives about individual rights and sitting in […]
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