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On May 18, 1979, a jury found for Karen Silkwood’s estate in her plutonium exposure case. Unfortunately, she had died in a car accident five years earlier that was likely a murder orchestrated by her employer enraged by her exposing their toxic legacy. Karen Silkwood was a working-class woman from Texas, divorced and taking care […]
On May 1, 1867, workers in Chicago went on strike for an 8-hour day, the first mass-scale labor action for that demand that directly challenged political power. The 8-hour day is popularly known for its embrace by the Knights of Labor. Moreover, the May 1 workers’ holiday has its origins in Chicago, particularly around the […]
On March 21, 1866, California passed An Act for the Suppression of Chinese Houses of Ill Fame, an anti-prostitution measure that stood in for a larger anti-Chinese sentiment in that state that would lead to the Chinese Exclusion Act sixteen years later and was part and parcel with a larger project that lasted over a […]
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