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This is the grave of Malcolm Glazer. Born in Rochester in 1928 to Jewish immigrant parents, Glazer grew up fairly poor, working in his father’s watch repair shop. Ambitious though, he took his watch repair skills, worked for the military, and saved his money. He then began investing in real estate. He became the suburban […]

The Modern Mandela

On December 28, 2015

Above: Ousted FIFA president Sepp Blatter Sepp Blatter is a man who works strictly in subtlety. But for Blatter, a man who makes Donald Trump seem modest and reticent, this is a moment to preen. Holdi

Even when female athletes become national heroes, as which happened with the U.S. soccer team, they receive second-class citizenship compared to male athletes. This isn’t just in pay or television exposure. It’s in working conditions. Whereas the U.S. men’s team flat refuses to play on artificial turf and grass is placed down when they play […]
1200 dead workers building World Cup projects in Qatar so far. This compares to just a handful of workers dying for other major sporting events in recent years, even in relatively poor nations like Brazil, China, and South Africa. Note that we are 7 years out from the actual event. Share

World Cup Labor

On November 8, 2014

That Qatar World Cup is really setting a new standard for labor rights: Thousands of migrant labourers from North Korea are toiling for years on construction sites in Qatar for virtually no pay – in

The group draws for Brazil 2014, which starts next week, are not quite balanced, and I’m writing my usual ill-advised predictions for the group stages. As I wrote in December, there was much whining in England, but the USMNT has by most quantitative measures the most difficult group in the tournament. Indeed, the strengths of the […]
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