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TNR vs. RT

On March 27, 2012

Jesse Zwick at TNR engages in some policing of the left side of the political discourse: What is surprising, however, are the number of decidedly non-crazy American experts and journalists who appear


On July 27, 2011

Two updates to posts from last week. First, Colbert is absolutely brutal to Jennifer Rubin: The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive Se

Sourcing is a little thin (and by thin, I mean entirely sourced to the Georgian Ministry of the Interior), and implication seems strong (based on Russian behavior in Georgia, we should scotched New START, put Russia on terror sponsorship list, etc.), but interesting nevertheless: A bomb blast near the U.S. Embassy in Tblisi, Georgia, in September […]
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