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This is the grave of Horatio Alger. Born in 1832 in Chelsea, Massachusetts, Alger grew up in relative comfort. His father was a fairly prominent Unitarian minister and the family had roots deep into the Puritan past. He was a sickly boy, suffering from asthma. But he was headed into the ministry anyway. In 1844, […]
This is the grave of Joseph Choate. Born in Salem, Massachusetts in 1832 to a well-off and well-connected family, Choate went to Harvard, graduating in 1852 and then from Harvard Law in 1854. He was immediately a very successful lawyer and was made partner in one of New York’s top firms in 1860. Choate is […]
This is the grave of Stephen Field. Born in 1816 in Haddam, Connecticut to a Congregationalist minister and a larger family who would produce many leading 19th century figures, including Cyrus Field, who made the transatlantic telegraph happen, Field grew up in Stockbridge, Massachusetts before spending a year abroad as a teenager in Turkey with […]
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