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On December 23, 1872, coal miners near Clearfield, Pennsylvania got into a fight with strikebreakers trying to mine coal during a strike. This minor moment in American labor history tells us a great deal about how miners defined their jobs and their rights in 1872, providing lessons to us today. In November 1872, the miners […]
Behind these doors lies the decayed bones of Jay Gould. Unfortunately, Gould was spawned into this world in 1836. He had a terrible relationship with his parents, who eventually just dropped him off at a school with a few bucks and hoped for the best. His principal took a liking to the boy and eventually […]
This is the grave of Thomas Nast. The father of modern American political cartooning, Nast was born in 1840 in Germany. His father was something of a political radical and like many Germans who wanted greater freedom in this era, he moved to the United States, sending his family in 1846 and joining them in […]
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